We believe craft cocktails bars and dive bars should be visited during the same night. We believe in hold ourselves accountable behind the bar and patrons across the bar. We believe all people are created equal and should be able to safely enjoy drinks in a fun environment. We believe together, we can Save Cocktails.


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Los Angeles Sour

An invigorating take on
a classic drink

1.5 oz Bourbon

0.5 oz Peach Liqueur

0.75 oz Lemon

0.5 oz Simple syrup

1 dash Habanero Bitters

1 Egg White

0.25 oz Blanc Vermouth (to float)


In a shaking tin, add all the ingredients but Blanc Vermouth and shake without ice (dry shake) Add ice, seal the shaker and shake vigorously. Fine strain (double strain) into a chilled rocks glass (no ice in glass).

Float Blanc Vermouth on top of drink and enjoy. 


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